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Just like Julie Andrews sang, here are a few of my favorite things. 


  • Radium Girls

  • Unaccustomed Earth

  • In the Garden of Beasts

  • Sandcastle Girls

  • Purple Hibiscus 


  • Casablanca

  • Gone With the Wind

  • Sound of Music

  • Midnight in Paris

  • Cairo Time

IMG_8567 (1).jpg


  • Berlin, Germany 

  • Mexico's Riviera Maya

  • London, England 

  • Istanbul, Turkey 

  • Vietnam 


  • Ragtime

  • Miss Saigon

  • Sunset Boulevard

  • Rent

  • Les Misérables 

TV Shows

  • Modern Family

  • Downton Abbey

  • The Durrells in Corfu

  • Mad Men 

  • A French Village (Un village français)

Travel Experiences

  • Walking along the canals of Amsterdam

  • Watching the sunrise in a hot air balloon over the mythical Turkish landscape of Cappadocia 

  • Indulging in a bit of Graham Greene sentimentality with a coffee and pastry at Hanoi's famed Metropole Hotel 

  • Seeing Machu Picchu for the very first time 

  • Marveling at the ancient architecture of Cambodia's temples (Angkor Thom is my absolute favorite)


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